Netflix Crackdown on Password Sharing in Over 100 Countries

Netflix, the popular streaming platform, has announced its expansion of efforts to combat password sharing in over 100 countries, including the United States. This move is aimed at addressing market saturation and finding new ways to generate revenue. In addition to limiting password borrowing, Netflix is also introducing an ad-supported option. The company has begun sending emails to customers in various major markets, emphasizing that a Netflix account should only be used within a single household. However, paying customers have the option to add a member outside of their residence for an additional fee.

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Netflix Password Sharing

Netflix is taking steps to crack down on the widespread practice of password sharing, which is estimated to involve over 100 million households worldwide. The company is sending emails to customers in 103 countries and territories, informing them about the updated policies. These emails stress the importance of using a Netflix account within a single household. While customers can still share their account with others outside their residence, an additional fee of $8 per month is required in the United States. This new policy aims to ensure a seamless transition for members while generating additional revenue for Netflix.

New Policies

To facilitate the transition, Netflix allows paying customers to transfer a person’s profile, enabling them to retain their viewing history and recommendations. This feature aims to provide a personalized experience even when sharing an account. The company is continuously testing various approaches and policies to curb account sharing and maximize user engagement. As of March, Netflix reported a global customer base of 232.5 million paying subscribers, highlighting the need to address the issue of password sharing.

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Pricing Structure

Under the new policy, subscribers with a Netflix Standard plan, which costs $15.49 per month, have the option to add one extra member for $7.99 per month. Subscribers to the Premium package, which offers 4K streaming, can add up to two extra members, each at a cost of $7.99 per month. However, subscribers on the Basic or Standard plans with ads, priced at $9.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively, do not have the option to add extra members to their accounts.

Criticisms and Considerations

The enforcement of password sharing policies has received mixed reactions. Critics argue that these policies do not take into account nontraditional families, unique job situations, or limited income. Some situations, such as a child going to college or individuals primarily living away from their main home address, may require additional “extra member” profiles, which come at an extra cost. While Netflix’s previous public statements embraced password sharing, emphasizing the positive aspect of sharing accounts, the company is now prioritizing revenue generation and fair usage.

Netflix’s Changing Stance on Account Sharing

Netflix’s approach to password sharing has evolved over the years. While the company’s policies always emphasized account sharing within households, it publicly embraced the practice in the past. In 2017, the official Netflix account tweeted, “Love is sharing a password,” and the CEO, Reed Hastings, described it as a positive thing. However, with market saturation and increased competition, Netflix has now implemented measures to curb password sharing and boost revenue.

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Industry Shift and Market Saturation

Netflix’s decision to crack down on password sharing is part of a broader trend within the streaming industry. As competition increases and consumers face limited budgets for monthly subscription fees, streaming companies are exploring new revenue streams. Many companies, including Prime Video and Apple TV Plus, have raised their prices. However, Netflix is the first to actively target account sharing as a means to generate revenue and address market saturation.

Impact on the Indian Market

Although the password crackdown has not yet been enacted in the Indian market, it is expected to be implemented soon. Netflix’s efforts to curb account sharing are part of its broader strategy to boost subscriber growth and combat market saturation. By implementing these policies, Netflix aims to encourage more individuals to subscribe to their own accounts, ensuring fair usage and supporting the sustainability of the streaming service.


Netflix’s recent crackdown on password sharing and the introduction of new policies marks a significant shift in the streaming industry. While the company initially embraced password sharing as a positive practice, it is now aiming to ensure fair usage and generate additional revenue. By implementing limitations on password borrowing and offering an ad-supported option, Netflix seeks to strike a balance between user satisfaction and sustainability. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these new policies will impact user behavior and the streaming market as a whole.

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