Sony PDT-FP1: 5G Portable Data Transmitter for Broadcasting

Sony Electronics has introduced a solution to streamline workflow, the Sony PDT-FP1 Portable Data Transmitter is a device redefining the way media professionals capture, transmit, and deliver content on-location.

Sony PDT-FP1: 5G Portable Data Transmitter for Broadcasting

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The Sony PDT-FP1 has 5G compatibility, leveraging the power of next-generation mobile technology to facilitate high-speed, low-latency data transmission.

Whether you’re covering a live event, reporting from the frontlines, or capturing visuals in challenging environments, the Sony PDT-FP1 ensures connectivity and real-time transfer of photos and videos.

With the Sony PDT-FP1, media professionals can capture and transmit content from virtually anywhere, directly from compatible Sony cameras.

By utilizing the device as a 5G modem, still images and videos can be transferred to any file transfer protocol (FTP) destination or Sony Cloud services, such as Ci Media Cloud and C3 Portal’s cloud gateway. This streamlined workflow saves time but also enhances productivity on-the-go.

The Sony PDT-FP1 is designed to thrive in the most demanding conditions, thanks to its optimized battery efficiency and high temperature threshold.

Whether you’re braving scorching temperatures or enduring harsh climates, this portable data transmitter ensures reliable performance and uninterrupted communication, allowing media professionals to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about equipment limitations.

With 5G connectivity, the Sony PDT-FP1 enables wirelessly livestreaming video from a wide range of compatible cameras.

Whether you’re broadcasting to social media platforms or delivering live coverage of events, the device offers real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) streams, freeing operators from traditional constraints and expanding the possibilities of on-location media transmission.

The Sony PDT-FP1 supports high-quality, low-latency video transmission, making it an ideal choice for broadcasting sports, news, and cinematic productions.

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When paired with Sony’s CBK-RPU7 remote production unit, media professionals can transmit stunning 4K/60p HEVC video with unparalleled clarity and precision.

The Sony PDT-FP1 offers unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities, allowing media professionals to stay informed and in control while on-location.

With the dedicated Network Visualizer app, users can visually monitor network and communication conditions in real-time. The Sony PDT-FP1 integrates with compatible Sony cameras, offering a simple and data transfer workflow.

Whether you’re connecting via LAN port, USB Type-C terminal, or HDMI input, the device ensures compatibility allowing media professionals to focus on capturing visuals without being hindered by technical limitations.

The Sony PDT-FP1 enables wireless livestreaming via 5G connectivity. Whether paired with compatible cameras via HDMI or USB, users can broadcast high-quality video in real-time to social media platforms using the Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

For users seeking to broadcast high-quality video, the Sony PDT-FP1 offers support for Sony’s CBK-RPU7 remote production unit.

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This allows for the transmission of low-latency (4k 60p/50p) HEVC video in various environments, including sports, cinematic productions, virtual events, and news coverage.

The Sony PDT-FP1 features a Network Visualizer app, allowing users to monitor network and communication conditions in real-time.

This visibility ensures that content is delivered to its intended recipients, minimizing delays and maximizing workflow efficiency. The device’s 6.1-inch OLED display provides a view of communication quality and file transmission status.

The Camera wired connection feature streamlines setup, allowing users to quickly establish a connection with compatible Sony cameras.

The device’s USB Type-C terminal supports enhanced camera compatibility, while the LAN port facilitates data transfer. Moreover, the Sony PDT-FP1’s slim and lightweight design, combined with its screw hole and strap hole.

The Sony PDT-FP1 is set to revolutionize on-location data transmission, offering unparalleled speed, reliability, and versatility for professional photographers and videographers.

With an expected release in the United States in early Summer 2024 and a price of approximately $1099.99 USD.

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