Twitter Limits the Number of Tweets Users can Read, 600 Tweets Per Day

Elon Musk has declared that Twitter will restrict the quantity of tweets users can read each day. The worries started due to data scraping and system manipulation by third party platforms. Verified accounts will be restricted to reading 6,000 posts each day, while Unverified users will have a reduced limit of 600 posts.

Recently, unverified users will have a much more tight limitation, with a allowance of just 300 posts each day. These limits are planned to resolve the issue of information scraping and keep up with the user experience on Twitter. Musk has communicated worries about the degree of data scraping and its effect on the stage. The specific term of these limits has not been determined.

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Twitter Limits the Number of Tweets

This choice comes as Twitter keeps on confronting a lengthy blackout, causing dissatisfaction among users who can’t follow new posts. Musk took to Twitter to declare the overhauled use portions, determining that can verified account holders read a limit of 6,000 posts each day, while unverified users face a fundamentally decreased restriction of 600 posts.

Recently enrolled, unverified users experience significantly more tight limitations, with a limit of only 300 posts each day. Musk refered to “outrageous degrees of information scratching” from “Several hundred organization” and system manipulation as the essential purposes behind carrying out these constraints.

Details Related to Twitter Limiting the Number of Tweets (For R&D)

Data Scraping and System Manipulation using Twitter

Data scraping refers to the practice of extracting a lot of information from sites, frequently through mechanized implies, to be utilized for different purposes, including research, analysis, or training Artificial intelligence models. Twitter, being a mother lode of public discussions and data scraping, has turned into a practical objective for data scraping.

Many organizations, from new businesses to huge corporations, depend on Twitter information to train their Artificial intelligence Algorithms, empowering them to answer in a more human-like limit. The scale and force of data scraping have arrived at disturbing levels, causing unfavorable consequences in Twitter’s infrastructure and user experience.

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System manipulation includes the control of Platforms and algorithms for different purposes, including spreading deception, enhancing specific stories, or in any event, affecting general assessment. This manipulation can prompt a contortion of the data information system and undermine the integrity of online conversations.

Twitter has been wrestling with specialized hiccups and blackouts as of recent months, causing interruptions for its clients. The most recent broadened blackout, concurring with the presentation of tweet reading limits, has added to the disappointment of users who depend on the platform for constant updates and engagement.

The specific reason for the blackout has not been formally revealed by Twitter, however, the issue appears to come from a bug in Twitter’s web application, which sends requests to the platform in an infinite loop. This technical error intensifies the difficulties looked by Twitter and adds strain to track down answers for upgrade the platform’s security and versatility.

Elon Musk’s Reply

Elon Musk has communicated his concerns with respect to data scraping and system manipulation previously. He has been vocal about making a move against troublemakers and organization that misuse Twitter’s information. Musk’s declaration of everyday tweet reading limits should be visible as a proactive measure to handle the issues brought about by outrageous data scraping. By confining the number of tweets clients can read, Twitter means to reduce the burden on its foundation and moderate the effect of data scraping on the user experience.

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The underlying tweet reading limits set by Musk were met with blended responses from Twitter users. While some understood the need of these limits to battle data scraping, others voiced their dissatisfaction, scrutinizing the uncommon decrease in their capacity to consume tweets.

The trending topic “Farewell Twitter” featured the discontent among users confronting these new limitations. Musk answered the criticism and expanded the limits for verified accounts to 8,000 tweets each day, unverified users to 800 tweets each day, and new unverified accounts to 400 tweets each day. He further raised the limit to 10,000 tweets each day for verified accounts and 1,000 tweets each day for unverified accounts, recognizing the worries expressed by users.

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